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A cooperation signing cer- emony was held between Germany and China in Bejing on July 14, stating that China will become the partner country of the HANNOVER MESSE ( Hannover Fair) in 2012.
Deutsche Messe AG and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) signed the agreement. CCPIT, with the entrust of the Chinese government, will be the organizer of the event on the part of China.
The two sides believed that this event will offer rich opportunities for fostering and intensifying bilateral economic and trade relations.
“As China becomes the partner country of the 2012 Hannover Industrial Fair, we will have a partner full of vigor and strong in economy. Both politically and economically, we are seeking for multi-level cooperation with China,” said Mr. Oliver Frese, Senior Vice President of Hannover Deutsche Messe AG, adding that “Since our partner has professional organizational structure, we believe Chinese enterprises and relative organizations will actively join in the event.”
More than 500 Chinese exhibitors participated in the show in 2011. In the coming year China is expected to present various government-funded research projects in the area of energy efficiency ranging from power generation and smart grid systems to eco-friendly road vehicles.
“As the organizer, we are planning for the exhibitions of the fair,”said Wang Jinzhen, Vice President of CCPIT. “Especially, there will be an exhibition center of China at the fair, with the support of CCPIT and the Ministry of Industry and Information.”
In 1987, China once became the partner country of the Hannover Fair.“In the past days, China has always been attending the fair. With over two decades passing by, the content at the fair will surely be richer thanks to the soaring Chinese manufacturing,” he added.
China has launched an extensive program aimed at restructuring its economy along more ecological lines. This will stimulate strong demand in sectors outside China’s classic exporting industries, such as in transport infrastructure, power generation, mine safety, environmental protection and healthcare. Alongside its traditional industrial technology highlights, the 2012 Hannover Fair will focus on green solutions. Next year there will be the premiere of the new trade show “Industrial GreenTec”. The fair will cover all the issues of key relevance to the Chinese market.
Germany is China’s largest European trading partner. The Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business(APA) have spoken out in flavor of a partnership of equals in connection with China’s Partner Country presentation at the fair.
On June 28, German and China signed a cooperation agreement in Berlin, honoring China as official Partner Country at 2012 Hannover Fair, in the context of German-Chinese government consultations.
The fair is a pivotal platform for technology transfer and a driving force behind innovation. At the Hannover Fair 2011 in April, some 6,400 exhibitors from 60 different countries presented their products, systems and services.
The fair, the world’s leading showcase for industrial technology, will take place in Hannover from 23 to 27 April 2012. Eight flagship fairs will be staged under the umbrella of the fair: Industrial Automation, Energy, MobiliTec, Digital Factory, Industrial Supply, CoilTechnica, Industrial GreenTec and Research& Technology. In 2012 the spotlight will be on industrial automation, energy technology, industrial subcontracting and services, as well research and development.

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