[First-Phase Construction of the New CIEC to Be Put into Use Next March] to the east of

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  On the morning of September 28, the topping-outCenter (New) was held at the Seventh Pavilion ofceremony of the China International Exhibitionthe New CIEC in Tianzhu Konggang Development Zone,Shunyi District, Beijing. Vice-Chairwoman Gu Xiulian ofthe Standing Committee of the NPC, Vice-Chairman BaiLichen of CPPCC, Chairman Wan Jifei and Vice-ChairmanWang Jinzhen of CCP1T, Vice-Minister Qi Yi of the Minis-try of Construction, Vice-Minister Li Yuan of the Ministryof Land and Resources, Vice Mayor Chert Gang of Beijingand relevant officials of Shunyi District, altogether over 200guests, attended the ceremony.

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