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   With the acceleration of urbanization, sustain-able development has become the focus of every-one"s attention. How to improve urban development,how to create a livable environment, how to protect and utilize a country"s cultural heritage sites, have all become main issues that most cities around the world need to solve together. Today, the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA) of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 offers a platform for cities around the world to propose their innovative solutions to urban issues. The area not only presents origi-nal exhibits and valuable practices designed to improve the quality of urban life in typical cities around the world, but also acts as a place for these cities to share and exchange their experi-ences in urban construction and development. More than 80 examples make up four importantfields in the development of an urban environ-ment: Livable Cities, Sustainable Urbanization,Protection and Utilization of Historical Heri-tages and Technological Innovation in Building an Environment. These exhibits help us to realize that historical heritage does not mean that something is obsolete, while at the same time innovation does not mean that we need to renew everything from the past. So how can we learn to adopt sustainable concepts during city construction, how can we create these livable cities, and how can we use a city"s cultural heritage to bring new vitality and improve development? If you would like to know, then follow us into the World Expo.

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