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  About ST Electronics      Headquartered in Singapore, ST Electronics has almost 40 years of experience providingelectronics, communications and ICT (information communications technologies) solutions togovernments and commercial enterprises worldwide.
  Our strength lies in our ability to harness leading-edge technologies into products and solutions,which are both innovative and cost effective. Our solutions are strategically targeted at thee-Government, satellite communications and digital media markets.
  With a presence in more than 29 cities and 17 countries globally, we market to more than 60countries. In Greater China alone, ST Electronics currently has wholly-owned subsidiaries andoffices in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen, Yichun and Hang Kong, a JV companyin Guangzhou, and an investment stake in a local company in Hangzhou as well as an office in Taipei.
  ST Electronics is a wholly owned subsidiary of public-listed Singapore Technologies EngineeringLtd, one of the largest public-listed companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

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