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  On June 21, 1962. the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KO-TRA) was established to promote tradeand investment for the South Koreangovernment and increased world coop-eration.
  We were lucky to interview KwagBok-Sun, the Director General of theKorea Trade Center (the Beijing Officeof KOTRA). a wise and knowledgeableman. We talked more than double timeas long as we had planned, as there wastoo much to discuss. He has workedin China for many years, in 5 five dif-ferent cities, namely Taibei, Shanghai,Beijing, Chengdu and Qingdao. He haseven done a lot of translation work inhis free time, including the translationof some ancient Chinese literature suchas “Seven Saints in Bamboos” (Zhu LinQi Xian). While these may still not beso familiar to the Chinese themselves,he was able to introduce those works tohis fellow South Koreans.

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