the New World【Wan Jifei Addresses the New CCOIC Building Completion Ceremony】

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  August 31 marked the completion of the new CCO1CBuilding. CCPIT Deputy Secretary-General XuHubin chaired the completion ceremony, attendedby CCPIT leaders, Chairman Wan Jifei and Vice ChairmanYu Ping, as well as retired leaders, former Chairmen YuXiaosong and Zheng Hongye.
   Wan Jifei has in his speech expressed congratulationsto the completion and greetings to all involved in theconstruction.
   Together with CCPIT former Chairmen Yu Xiaosongand Zheng Hongye, Wan Jifei cut theribbon to announce the completion.
  The new CCOIC Building islocated in the northeast of the XizhimenOverpass, marking the beginningof the west North Second Ring. Itis opposite to the China AluminumBuilding in the north, and next to theWest Ring Square in the west. Coveringa construction area of 30,000 squaremeters, this edifice has 16 floors plus3 floors underground. This 68.4-meterhigh building will cater to its residentswith standard offices, registration office,arbitration office, banks, business center,ticket office, coffee bar, teahouse, staffcafe, convenience stores, archives,underground Garage and so on.
   This building was started in August2005, capped on June 28, 2006, andcompleted on August 31, 2007. During its two-yearconstruction, Wan Jifei visited the venue for nine times,giving instructions by himself.
  Now a property management office has been set up tomanage this building. Duan Zhiqiang, Director of CCPITService Center, is now head of the residing committee.q~his committee is doing its best to facilitate the residing ofthe Representative Office of China Patent Agency (HK),CIETAC, CCPIT Legal Department and CCOIC.

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