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  On March 23,2007.Wangfujing Plaza busi-ness cocktail party was held in BeijingRegent Hotel,in order to express the heartfeldthankfulness to the suppliers.
  Located in the center of Wangfujing streetwhich is hOnOred as China,s№.1 Street.Wanfujing Plaza is the hinge linking wangfujingstreet and the so-called No.2 Business Group
  Both Zheng Wan,Board Chairman ofwangfujing Department Store and Hao Jie.Board Chairman of Wangfujing Plaza Co.Ltd.believe that as a department store with strongcompetitiveness,the companies should be re-sponsible for the whole society,and guide thepeople to live a healthy life.
  Cai Guizhan.General Manager of Wang-fujing Plaza announced the opening ofcocktail party.The party has also invitedstars such as Mr.Chen Guanxi and MissHe Yunshi as the image resentatives.
  The art performance with the partyshowed the theme style that the classicaland elegant fashion was combined withmodern fashion.

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