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  The Evergreen Group is as comfort-able in the air as it is onthe sea,and its promi-nence in international transportis growing steadily in theserealms.After establishing Ev-ergreen Marine and making itinto one of the world"s premierocean carriers with just 20years or service,the companytook to the skies in 1989 byforming EVA Air. It focusedon quality service and safety,and built EVA to becomeTaiwan"s leading independentairline.Today,EVA Air car-ries passengers and cargo to allcorners of the globe.
  EVA"s network encompass-es more than 3,000 passengerand 1,000 cargo sectors permonth,and includes regularly schedukdflights to 46 destinations on four conti-nents that it serves with a fleet of 49 air-craft.offering reach and flexibility.thisroute system is designed so that passen-gers and cargo can convenlently connectfrom U.S.domestic destinations throughEVA"s gateways onward to Taipei where,with one stop,shippers and travelers alikecan fly to from almost any country inAsia.
  The carrier has been strategic.ex-tending passenger service throughoutAmerica by developing mutually ben-eflcial code-sharing alliances with Con-tinental Airlines.American Airlines.America West and Air Canada.Marketdemand for transpacific travel from itspassenger operations in Newark,Seattle,Vancouver San Francisco and Los Ange-les is strong.
  It has also employed co-operation with other kadingcarriers to enlarge its ownwell-developed cargo ship-ping network,enabling EVAto whisk goods,equipmentand critical manufacturingcomponents to customersin the United States.India.JaDan.Central Asia and Eu-rope.EVA"s airfreight busi-ness through cargo gatewaysin New York.Chicago,At-lanta.Dallas/Fort Worth.SanFrancisco and Los Angeles isthriving.
  Management expertisein international transporta-tion.established relationshipsin business and financial centers.and aninfrastructure of Evergreen subsidiar-ies and reDrlesentatives around the worldhave contributed significantly to EVA"ssuccess.Reliability and innovation haveplayed major roles as well and have beenessential to the carrier"s net and prodductdevelopment.EVA is a launch customerand is starting to introduce Boeing B777-300ERs and B777-200LRs on its routeswith delivery of the first two in July 2005.It purchased 15 of these brald-new tech-nologically advanced,wide-body B777svalued at$1.49 billion in April 2004,andplans to have them all in service by 2009.EVA"s new Boeings are configured tocarry 316 passengers in three upgradedcabins.Premium Laurel.the carrier"s newtop cabin-class,Elite Class,an improvededition of thepremiumeconomyEvergreen De-luxe introducedin 1992.andan enhanced Economy thatbelies preconceptions about basic airlineservice move EVA to the forefront ofairline-industry product development.Allthree cabins are outfitted with individualinteractive Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD)entertainment systems featur-ing movies,music,shopping and videogames,a digital air-to-ground Short Mes-sage Service in both English and Chinesethat passengers can use to send and re-ceive,satellite phones,and more.
  Premium Laurel Class gives pas-sengers a flying environment that weavesthe latest technology into high standardsof luxury. Its 42 roomy,fixed-shell.lie-flat seats have a generous 61-inch pitch,22-inch width,adjustable headrests.elec-tronically adjustable lumbar supports,retractable privacy dividers,footlights,power outkts for laptops,LED readinglights,and pull-down luggage racks.Ithas an inflight beverage island stockedwith designer water,fine wines,snacks and gourmet treats plusfull-course meals served on Nori-take China.The AVOD systemsin Premium Laurel have 10.4-inchLCD screens.Sennheiser noise-canceling headphones,and operatevia remote controls.Push-buttoncontrols for the seats are built intothe armrests.
  EVA Dioneered the premiumeconomy concept in 1992 whenit created Evergreen DeluxeClass,a separate cabin in-betweenEconomy and Super Business featuringdomestic business-class legroom.indi-vidanl TVS and improved service.Withthe introduction of its B777-300ERs.EVA is upgrading and renaming it EliteClass.The new cabins are fumished with63 standard 18.5-inch-wide business-classseats equipped with EVA"s adjustablehead aud legrests.Additional amenitiesinclude handy coat hooks and touch-screen AVOD emertainment systems
  In the enhanced Economy Class onthe new B777s,EVA is giving passengers8.4-inch touch-screen AVOD systemswith Star Gallery entertain-ment selections.It has outfittedthe seats with adjustable head-rests,made them 18.3 incheswide,and arranged them in aspacious 3-3-3 configuration.
  EVA introduced the Pre-mium Laurel and enhanced Economyconcepts in 2003 when it began to addnew leased or purchased Airbus A330-200s to its fleet for shorter haul service.By June2006,a total of 11 A330s will bedeployed,primarily within Asia on high-traffic routes to Hong Kong.Tokyo andBangkok though EVA is uslng these air-craft for flights between Brisbane/Auck-land and Taipei,to other selected destina-tions.
  EVA"s new aircrafts not only beuefitcustomer services but also equip the air-line to lower operating costs and improveoperating efficiencies.And though these26 B777s and A330s are huge invest-ments,the development of these assetsis solidiflying EVA"s leadership positionwithin the global marketplace.
  Though EVA Air did not begin tomake cargo a significant part of its opera-tions until 1995,its passenger servicesstarted in 1991 with a goal simply statedas"quality service and safety"Today,thecarrier"s operations are almost equallydivided between passengers and freightand its people have shown that they knowhow to successfully serve both.Thatsimple but profotind goal has withstood tremendous growth and change.It alsoserves as a compass for the future.
  The Evergreen Group team"s abilityto recognize Taiwan"s growing economyand prosperity is also part of the EVAAir story. Utilizing Evergreen"s legendarystyle of market research and development,the carrier has leveraged the growing de-mand for air travel and cargo transporta-tion.
  In addition.EVA air"s environmentalconsciousness is part of its heritage.Fromthe day the airline was is-sues have been prominent in developmentof its global network and services.It hascornbined environmental concernswith its own technologically ad-vanced dynamics, initiating prac-tical,eco-friendly measures andsponsoring numerous conservationand preservation prograins.
  EVA was awarded the"GteenAirline Award"by the Vienna In-ternational Airport for its efficientand effective recycling of inflightwastes,a noteworthy practice itfollows well as inits offices.Awards are not an un-usual honor for EVA Air.which hasreceived more than 30 international rec-ognitious in the past few years for and innovation.
  Also,special cargoes-Such as valu-able world-class works of art and mu-seum exhibits-have also been entrustedto the airline for cartiage to destinationsthroughout the WOrld-always arrivingon time and in pristine condition.But themost special cargo are the people whohave consistently given EVA Air highmarks for its over all service-an extraor-dinary source of pride for the entire Ever-green Group.

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