Met German minister Alois Rhiel prime minister

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  On March 19,Yu Ping, Vice Chairman of CCPIT met aeconomic delegation led by Dr.Alois Rhiel,Ministerof Economics,Transportation,Urban and RegionalDevelopment of the State Hessen,Germany.
  Vice Chairman Yu Ping welcomed Minister Alois Rhiel"svisit to China.Yu Ping said,Hessen is one of the economic cen-ters in Germany,famous for the chemical and manufacturingindustries,well developed in finance.and exhibition industries.The economic delegation of 60 people fully showed that Hes-sen Government paid much attention to the economic and traderelationship with China and their interest in Chinese market.Frankfurt,as one of the Eumpean exhibitions and financialcenters,also lies in Hessen.CCPTT organizes exhibiting groupsto participate in the various spring and autumn exhibitions inFrankfurt,which built up a platform for the mutual communica-tion and understanding.With its special advantages as a centerof finance,exhibition and transportation,Hessen has attracted alarge group of Chinese enterprises to set branches in this place.At present,the Chinese companies in Frankfurt.account for onefourth of the total number of Chinese companies in Germany.In recent years,China-Germany trade has realized a growth rateover 20%,CCPTT would cooperate with Hessen Govenment,chambers of commerce and associations to keep this good mo-mentum.Yu hoped that the delegation would know more aboutChina through this visit.He showed that CCHT will strengthenthe service performance and actively promote the cooperationbetween medium and small companies of the two countries.
  Minister Alois Rhiel said that more and more Hessencompanies are getting interested in Chinese market.Germanyeconomic circle paid much attention to the NPC and CPPCCconferences just finished in China.He hopes Hessen will havemore cooperation with CCPTT and local governments and makemore Germany companies have deeper understanding of theChinese economic environment and build a solid foundation forthe further cooperation in the future.He also stated that Frank-furt"s advantage as the German and European economic centeris showing up.He hoped that throuth the channels of CCHT,the cooperation and connection between the companies in thebilateral banking and stock exchange fields.

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