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  Concerning Yao Liangsong      Yao Liangsong,Board Chairman ofGuangzhou Optima Kitchen Enterprise Co,Ltd,graduated from Beijing University ofAeronautics in 1985.In 1988,he quit his lei-sure teacher job and tried to organize somebusiness.After running a restaurant,beinga salesman,establishing a medical instru-ment company,he successfully set up inkitchen cabinet market,founded the kitchencabinet brand"Optima",became a forerun-ner in industrialized kitchen cabinet indus-try,and the pace-setter of China kitchencabinet industry.He is called"China Kitch-en Cabinet King"
  Inspired to Pioneer the Industry
  In 1994,when accompanying his family tochoosing an apartment,he was enlightened by hisyounger sister"s exclamation.Before his eyes wasa set of clean,shinning,fragrant kitchen cabinet,totally different from the previous dark,humidkitchen environment.It is not simply a kind ofhousehold appliance,but represems a whole newlifestyle.After the simple Market Investigation andanalvsis,Yao Liangsong started the kitchen cabinetproiect and began a China kitchen revolution.Sincethen.a whole new industry was born in the southpart of China.Yao Liangsong became the pioneerof this industry.
  At the beginning of Optima"s development,YaoLiangsong put forward some new concept such as"Kitchen beyond Living Room"."Living in the Eu-ropean Kitchen",which opened the people"s view,promoted the healthy modern kitchen life,made theChinese kitchens synchronize with those in Europeand the U.S.As the pacesetter of the industry,YaoLiangsong took lead in bringing forward the serviceconcept of"Comparing ten shops"goods beforebuying",reinforced self-discipline,and promotedthe industry to be standardized.
  The first exclusive kitchen show-room was setup in Wuyang New Town,Guangzhou,in 1994.After three vears of market nurturing,there havebeen over ten large and small whole kitchen show-rooms in Wuyang New Town by 1997.By thattime.the Siyou Road was called the initial"KitchenCabinet Street",the concept of"Whole Cabinet"started to deeply root inthe minds of Guangzhou citizens.As steps of developing from Guang-zhou to the whole nation,Optima has been everywhere in China by 2001,with over 500 specialized kitchen show-rooms.The company took theleading position in both the scales and the influence and initially finishedindustriallayout.
  Gathering Talents through Culture
  Analyzing the one-hundred-year world companies,the reason theycan remain everlasting is that all the companies have a kind of spiritualforce beyond profit acting as a bond of sympathy to pushing them im-prove.In 1996,Optima gradually opened the market,but disputes cameout as well.After half a vear"s strenuous meditation,Yao Liangsong madea decision to establish the Optima emerprise culture and build up stan-dardized enterprise management system,and addressed the concept of"Equal,Open,solidary and Free"in Luofu Moumains Meeting of Man- agers:the equality of Non-lifetime Position,Non-nepotistical system;theopenness of fair profit allocating;the solidarity of united working;thefreedom of leaving with honesty and cooperating when mutually needed.
  Since then,These"Fbur Words Principle"became the core of Op-time"s enterprise culture and gradually formed the regulations with 2 mil-lion words,which combined the personal pursuit and the companies"goaleffectively.In 1998,on the basis of the"Fbur words Principle",Optimaabstraccted the enterprise spirit:Pursue Perfection.
  Enterprise culture,talents and mechanism are the base of the benefi-cial development for the company.Optima gathered more talents throughthe eXcellent enterprise culture:on the one hand,more talents stood outfrom inside the company;on the other hand,the company set up talentsattracting svstem.The talents promote the perfection of the mechanisms,and the development of mechanism promotes the construction of culture.This virtuous circle constitutes the inner driving for the continuous devel-opment of Optima.
  Brand Promotes the Expansion
  As foundation of Optima getting more and more stable,the competi-tive layout became more and more complicated.In 2003,Yao Liangsongput forward the goal of"Establish Optima into a Famous Company inan All-round Way",planed and carried out the"Three Battles".Optimastarted to take the way to upgrading the company"s competitiveness.
  On the one hand,the company guided agents to start flagship stores toupgrade the exhibition image of the products;on the other hand,the com-pany began to publicize the brand on CCTV,neWspapers,and outdooradvertisement board,as well as invited Jiang Wenli,a famous movie star,to be image ambassador,plus,made some other kinds of image packingto provide the terminal agents with the great brand image support.
  After the"The Liaoshen Military Cam"in 2003,"The HuahaiMilitary Cam"in 2004,"Crossing the Yangtze River Cam"in 2005,Optima won the decisive battle and became the incontrovertible lead-ing company in the kitchen cabinet industry.Optima"s market share wasplaced in 80% of the cities in China.and ranked the first in some cities.At the same time.the franchise stores increased to over 800.realizedthe strategic plan of"Occupying the Market Genuinely,and Enlargingthe Territory".
  Concept Promotes the Development
  During the development of Optima,Yao Lirdngsong held forth variousviews.and theories after studving the situation,which promoted the devel-Opment of the company and the improvement of the industry as well.InSeptember 2004,Yao Liangsong put forward the famous"Mountain TopTheory","Warring States Period Theory","Shuffling Poker Theory"InNovember 2004,on the"Summit Forum of China Kitchen Cabinet Indus-trial",Yao Liangsong delivered the Development Trend of China KitchenCabinet Industry,and made the prediction of"Made in China ReplacingMade in Germany".
  In August 2005,Yao Liagsong made a series of judgment about the development of the industry such as the China Kitchen Cabinet Industry"Evolution Theory","Oligarch Theory","China Kitchen Cabinet IndustryWelcomes the Prime Time",etc.pointed out the direction for the devel-Opment of China kitchen cabinet industry.In September,Bill Clinton.Former President of the U.S.came to Zhengzhou,Henan province,aslecturer on the theme of"2005 China International Economy Summit".As a representative of Guangdong Private Entrepreneur and ExecutiveChairman of Board of Kitchen Cabinet Proressional Commission of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce,Yao Liangsong attendedthe meeting and held talks with Climon after the meeting,which strength-ened his confidence to"Make World Optima."
  In 2006,Yao Liangsong organized the Optima Cup China IntegratedKitchen Design Contest 2006 and the First Optima Kitchen Culture Festi-Val,which started the"Second Revolution"of China Kitchen.Optima ledthe industry in the domain of pursuing independent innovation.Yao Li-angsong himself also was appmised as"Leading Man"of China KitchenCabinet Industry two times and"2006 Guangdong Top Ten EconomicCharacters".
  Strength Accomplishes the Future
  At present,Optima owns about 1000 franchise show-rooms,whichare the largest in the industry,the marketing network of over 10,000 ser-vicing staffs.With garden-like kitchen cabinet industrial park occupyingan area of 230,000 square meters,the company was called the largestkitchen cabinet manufacture base in Asia.Optima adopts the most ad-vanced Germany HOMAG kitchen cabinet production line and the 96fine division of labor under the ISO9001 International Qualitv Manage-ment System,and the independently innovated"Optima Kitchen CabinetIntegrated Deover 100vane of sign Systerm".Every year the company developsstyles of new products which becomes thethe industry,produces over 100,000sets of modern whole kitchen cabi-net,and became the Whole KitchenCabinet Standardized Unit of theMinistry of Construction.Under Yao Liangsong"s leadership,Optima has successfullycreated a whole set of production mode,which isseasoned with China market to manufacture non-standard products in large scak.This does not onlybuild up a sold foundation for Optima to become afamous Chinese brand,but also contributes to thedevelopment of China kitchen cabinetry industryin the directions of specialization,extensionaliza-tion and standardization.
  From 2004,with establishment of branch of-fice in Boston,U.S.A.Optima initially startedto explore overseas market.As a result,Optimasigned a long-term cooperative contract withCanada MXO group and the products have beenon hot sale in 20 more countries and regions.suchas the U,S._A,Canada,Australia,Singanore,etc.
  During business operations in twelve years,Yao Liangsong has been making every effort toperfect the products and set up an ideal brand im-age.With implememation of"Optima Brand"strat- egy,intensive concept is conducted to the wholemanagement practices in Productions, Technique,Quality Assurance,Service,Cost Audit,Opera-tion Procedures,etc.Optima believes details canperfect the products to strengthen company"s corecompetitiveness in market.Optima cautiously actsas a responsible and reliable role to concern thefundamental interests of customers,emplovees andcooperators as well as China kitchen cabinetry in-dustry and the whole society.
  For long-terrn achievement,Yao Liangsong hasput forward development proposal for Optima inthe coming ten years.Based on Optima leading po-sition and chief commissioner of cabinetry industryassociation,Yao Liangsong thinks that China kitch-en cabinet industryshould be promisingand he is very confi-dent to promote thecompetmveness ofthe whole industryas well as enlargethe export business.Eventually,kitchencabinets made inChina will take theplace of those madein Germany.
  Be the International optima
  Based on several hundreds of workshops fromrent market,Optima started with several dosensof staff.After twelve years of operations,Optimahas grown up to an over 230,000 square meterplant with a service team over 10,000 staffs,1000more franchise stores in over 600 cities.Optimahas been keeping an annual growth by 50% to80% since the establishment.For domestic market.Optima has been taking the leading position inkitchen cabinetry industry on brand influence,pro-duction and sales volme,marketing network,etc.
  Nowadays the competition reflects on competi-tors"exploration and innovation ability.The keylies in the development capacity of new productsand the abilily in the whole procedures of produc-tion,marketing and after-sales services.Optimaalways pays attention to inVesting in equipmentand technical refbrom,purchasing the most ad-vanced HOMAG production line from Germany,importing HOMAG 250 matrix machines to setup automaticdutomatic digital-controlled processing center.High-quality machines from Germany or Italy helpto guarantee the products quality from Optima.96 working procedures under ISO9001 standardsmake the production professional with high effi-ciency.
  Moreover,Optima takes out 4% of the an-nual income to set up the R&D fund,which isused to adopt the new technique,complying withthe international environmental protection stan-dards.Meanwhile.Optinla continuOusly conductsadvanced crafts,new materials and new designconcept to update the products cpmprehensively.Annually it pushes 100 more new products into themarket.As a result,Optima has become the vaneof China kitchen cabinetry industry.
  As the combination ofthe traditional manufactur-ing industry and informa-tion industry,Optima hasrealized and continued torelease the potential abilityto the market.In 2002,Op-tima firstly and successfully created a set of professional kitchen designsoftware"Optima Kitchen Cabinet Integrated Design Svstem",which covers thousands of design models and meets different needs of differentindividuals.Fully information management has brought special com-petition advantages to Optima.Up to now,Optima has fully establishedthe internet connections between headauarter and 1000 more franchisestores.With the rapid development,the powerful product exploration abil-ity and information technique application give out new power to Optimadevelopment and it will help Optima achieve lots in future.
  When developing and consolidating the domestic market,Optima hasstretched out to explore intemational market.Since the establishment,Op-tima has been actively attending CECF and various kitchen exhibitions.The export volume has been keeping a rapid increase.In 2003,Optimaset up foreign trade department and successfully founded branch officesin Boston in U.S.A.Toronto in Canada,etc.At present,Optima productshave entered into first-class construction material shopping malls,such asWAL-MART.COSTCO and HOMEDEPOT.etc.
  Optima has Obtained 60 more honors.titles and certificates be-cause of the great quality and services,including"Top 10 Best Quality-Reliable Brands"by the State Quality Supervision Center,"Best Brandof PrOvince"."Top-100 Private-owned Businesses of Guangzhou"by thelocal government,Chair-member of National Professional Associationof Kitchen Manufacturers,and one of the organizers to have establishedenacted by Na-tional Construction Ministry etc.For kitchen cabinetry industry in China,Optima is the first,and so far the only one whose products were certified"Environment Friendly Products"by National Environment ProtectionBureau of China,the top authority of environment protection administra-tion of the country.
  Nowadavs kitchenbusiness is Optima"s corebusiness and meanwhileOptima has stretched outto different divisions.suchas bath ware.wardrobe,artificial stone,commer-cial kitchen equipment,kitchen electrical applianc-es,etc.To some extend,the above-mentioned divisions have the same sup-ply chain with kitchen business as well as share brand image or sales net-work.Optima believes multi-divisions will help it grow better and achievelots in future.With rapid development of China economy and public needsfor bettering living conditions,Optima devotes itself to keeping the lead-ing position in the industry and shaping itself to be the first class furnituremanufacturer in the world.Replacing"kitchen cabinet made in Germany"with"kitchen cabinet made in China"is the dream from Optima and allstaff will make cominuous every effort to turn it true.

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