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     Asia Carbon Expo      Frequency: Yearly   Venue: China World Hotel
  City: Beijing
  Address: Liangma Plaza, 8 3rd RingsEast. Chaoyang District, Beijing
  Tel: 0086-10-65907766
  Fax: 0086-10-65906139
  P.C: 100004
  E-mail: zhao@koelnmesse,cn
  Beijing Int"l Expo of Social SecurityProducts, Equipments& Technology
  Venue: National Agricultural Exhibi-tion Center
  City: Beijing
  Exhibits: Surveillance system, public broadcasting system, exit control,criminal technology and apparatus,police communication, shielding, po-lice uniforms, security checking sys-tems, road safety products, human-protecting equipment, anti-theftsystem for automobiles, anti-terrorismequipment, security alarming system,cabinets, locks, anti burglary doors,police protective equipment, specialvehicles, network information tech-nology, GPS, GIS, ITS, etc.
  Address: Jinyayuan Garden, Xizhao-huanyunhuili, Haidian District, Beijing
  Tel: 0086-10-51507248/51507140
  Fax: 0086-10-51507248/51507149
  E-mail: sxbeijing@263.cam
  Website: www.省略

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