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  "The network will foster newrelationship between US andChinese small and medium-size companies in i4 key busi-ness centers, generating newopportunities for US SMEs inthe China market and prosper:ity for both our great nations,"said Tim Hauser.
  China council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT) Chairman Wan Jifei and US Commerce ActingUnder Secretary for International Trade Tim Hausersigned a Mcmorandum of Understanding(MOU) on July 11,2005to launch a new Sino-US International Partner Network in 14major business centers across China. The MOU was signed dur-ing the Sino-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade an-nual meeting.
  The wide-ranging cooperation established under the MOUimmediately provides:
  -Sharing and jointly preparing targeted Chinese market re-search and trade lead information.
  A cooperation serviceitem we want to intro-duce here is called"Gold Key"!, whichhelps the US enter-prises who are failed infinding a cooperativepartners in China findcooperative partnersthey want in China.
  -Establishing high quality businessmatchmaking services for American ex-porters in 14 major business centersacross China.
  -Cooperating on mutually benefi-cial trade exhibitions and trade missionsin the 14 Chinese business centers.
  -Using the latest software and tech-nology to disseminate market opportu-nity information to American and Chi-nese business representatives to facili-tate US-China trade.
  -Training CCPIT trade specialistson high quality client service standardsand techniques.
  Chairman Wan Jifei indicated,"This agreement will help Chinesecompanies find American partners andconsequently generate more concretebusiness cooperation of mutual benefit,which will strengthen the foundation of US-China business."
   "The network will foster new rela-tionship between US and Chinese smalland medium-size companies in 14 keybusiness centers, generating new oppor-tunities for US SMEs in the Chiua mar-ket and prosperity for both our greatnations," said Hauser.
  A Gold for Communicationsbetwee Chinese and US Enterprises
  With regard to the basic functionsof the network such as its availability infostering the cooperative opportunitiesfor both Chinese and US enterprises,Zhao Zhenge, Deputy Director-General,Department of International, CCPIT, in-troduced to China"s Foreign Trade thatone of the service items the network pro-vides is a "face-to-face negntiationplatform", as well as some other schemeswhich are specially created by measur-ing the size of the enterprises and to beuniquely matched to the demand of en-terprises" items.
  The network will be a very prag-matic project which consists of 14 of-rices with two or three staffs in each ofthe 14 major cities in China, but notonly provides categorized computer da-tabase network information. It will help arrange material operation in line withthe detailed projects, which could becategorized as service, goods and tech-nologios or on other items. Zbao said.
  Each office will provide differentkind o1" services such as informationcommunication, partuership, on-the-spotinvestigation, and so on. Thus, belom theChinese and US enterprises do the sub-stantial communication, they have gotan efficient knowledge ou each other.
  "We have begun promoting thescheme tn the domestic and the USenterprises, "Zhao said.
  "Some US enterprises have beguncontacting tls in order to introducethemselves to Chinese enterprises toseek more cooperation partners. The USinvestments are always in some majorcities such as coastal cities and in themiddle part ut" China, while in snmeother provinces and cities, although thetrade with the US are very small yet,there are large potential opportunitiesto develop trade with the US. Thus wehave chosen 14 cities, hoping that wecan hmnch cooperation with the US en-terprises in a wider range. Through thenetwork, both Chinese and US enter-prises will find more information oncooperatiou, and enhance the commu-nication and cooperation." Zhao said.
   It is up to the Chinese and US en-terprises who enjoy the service el" thenetwork to judge whether the networkis satisfactory nr not, not up to CCPITnor the US Chamber oF Commeme. Theenterprises will send a feedback tableto the network office after a "face-to-face negotiation", telling that the coop-erative partner found by means of thenetwork is or isn"t what they want.
   A cooperation service item we wantto introduce here is called "Gold Key",which helps the US enterprises who arefailed in finding a cooperative partnersin China rind cooperative partners theywant in China, in accordance with thefeatures of these enterprises, until theyare satisfied. The rauge are not limitedwithin the only 14 cities.
   Besides, some more service will beenjoyed in the network such as a maga-zine called the American BusinessJournal, which will be issued bi-monthly, by means of which a lot ofinformation will be released, introduc-ing the cooperative items el" the USSMEs. CCPIT and the US Departmentof Commerce will jointly translate themagazine into Chinese and issue it to Chinese enterprises, especially themember enterprises of CCPIT regularly.
  As the above mentioned, the net-work will not be only an information network which is like the internet, it willbe more engaged to looking for projectsfor the enterprises. Thus, we have ap-pointed one or two specialized peopleitl the CCPIT branches in the 14 cities to work in each office to take the respon-sibility of constructing communication bridges between Chinese and US enterprises. We name the agency as the Office of CCPIT & The US Department of Commcrce International PartnerNetwork. We will set a office in each of the 14 cities. The US Department ofCommerce and the US Embassy adn theUS Consulates will send officials irregu-larly to the offices to help do the job.
  Reliable Information to Be Offered
  As for the question of ill what wayof the information will be collected,Zhao stresses that CCPIT and the USDepartment of Commerce will takesome effective measures to make surethat the infornation offered by tile net-work will be accurate, authoritative, be-lievable and newest.
  At first, the US I Department ofCommerce is a governmentorganization. They will do some inves-tigations on the information theyprovide, making sure that theses infor-mation will be accurate and believable.
  In the meantime, CCPIT will pro-vide "Gold Key" service, "face-to-facenegotiation", the on-the-spot investiga-tion on the information, etc., by meansof which to make sure that the Chineseand US enterprises will have a deeperknowledge on each other.
  In the meantime, the information ofthe member enterprises of CCPIT, in-cluding the state-owned large and me-dium-sized enterprises and privateontcrprises, will enjoy the priority to beintroduced at first. We have examinedtheir qualifications in line with the cri-teria of the CCPIT and we are sure thatthey are eligible.
  All these services will be providedfree of charge. As for the non-memberenterprises, we will do investigationsjointly with the US Department ofCommerce on them to make sure thattheir information are credible.
  The US Department of Commercewill promote the project through its of-rices in each city, making sure that theUS enterprises know that the networkis very helpful for them to find coop-erative partners and items m China,Zhao said.
  In China, as the first phase of con-structing the network, we have chosen14 cities where the US has not setconsulates. We hope we can help en-large the cooperation between Chinaand the US enterprises through the of-rices in the 14 cities. Theses coopera-tion wiIl not be limited within the rangeof import and export or recruit the busi-ness custolners and introduce the in-vestment into China, we will launch anextensive and effective cooperation ina wide range. We hope the 14 pointswill make a sample, by means of whichmore places will be affected.
  William A. Brekke, Senior Com-mercial OFficer, Embassy of the UnitedStates of America, gave his answer toChina"s Foreign Trade on the samequestion.
  "That"s my job!"Brekke said
  Tile information is accurate becausebasically the US Trade Commissionquestions on the credibility, the reliabil-ity and the accuracy of the information.The information are accurate because inour country, we have a long history ofworking on it and we have establishedourselves" program, so the program it-self is credible and accurate. The ques-tion is going to be the management andon to sustain the program. That is the reliability you mentioned. That requiresour working together. I believe we canbuild the reliable business of this point.
  The threshold for the US enterprisesto enter the network is not on the issueof how much money they make. Weneed to talk with them and get to knowmore about them. Some companies areready to do international business, andothers are not. For those who are notready, we"ll tell them it"s good for themto do so, if they are ready, we"ll helpthem.
  In the US we have offices in everycity, and in China there is an office ineach city. Big US companies are ready,but some small companies are not readythough they have new products, reallygood managements and they know howto do trade, because they lack channelsto know China. The network will be anideal channel for them the know China.
  Among the services that we offer,we have a background check on thesecompanies and that is a part of the train-ing program. We have a contract withthe Chinese companies. If an Americancompany wants to check a company ina Chinese city such as Xi"an, or inWuhan, they can use our contract of usto get information.
  Building A Win-Win Bridge
  With regard to the significance, YuPing, Vice Chairman of CCPIT gave hiscomments to China"s Foreign Trade, hesaid, Sino-US trade has developed veryfast during the past years, and theUnited States of America is China"slargest trade partner. But during the re-cent years, China"s export to US devel-ops very quickly, the favorable balancehas amounted for $80 billion accord-ing to China"s statistics ($160 billionaccording to the statistics of the US).
  We hope Win-Win can be seen inthe bilateral trade. We hope to helpmore the US-based enterprises do moreexport to China. Thus, a lot of prob-lems in detail can not be avoidable, forinstance, the US enterprises has not anample and in time knowledge of China,such as the demand of China"senterprises. The US government hopesto take some efficient measures to helpthe US enterprises know more aboutwhat products, services and technologyChinese enterprises can provide andhelp Chinese enterprises do more im-port from the US. Not only the USenterprises, but also Chinese enterpriseshave the demand of this kind. Yu re-vealed to China"s Foreign Trade.
  The Sino-US economic and traderelations are vitally important in the bi-lateral relations, and is a footstone aswell. It is beneficial for both sides toenhance the bilateral economic andtrade relations.
  We just hope that by taking a tech-nology cooperation of this kind, we canenlarge the bilateral cooperation.
  The US is the most developed coun-try in the world. It has the technologies,products and services that we need in awide range to which other developedcountries can not be compared. Thus,we are determined to take effectivemeasures to enhance the mutual under-standing between Chinese and the US enterprises, making sure that the infor-mation of supply and demand can beoffered to both sides in time.
  After a-half-year-more negotiationswith the US, we have decided tolaunch it.
  In the meantime, the network willbe dedicated to the US SMEs. The largeenterprises have offices, and even re-searching and development centers inChina, by means of which it will be veryeasy for them to attain the informationof the demand of Chinese enterprises.But most of the SMEs haven"t officesin China and it will be very difficult forthem to acquire such kind ofinformation. Hence, the network can dogreat and necessary contributions to ca-ter to this needs.
  It is the US Department of Com-merce who put forward the idea ofsponsoring the network. The US De-partment of Commerce has very goodexperiences in enhancing the export ofthe local enterprises. They are consid-ering on how to utilize the current work-ing way to help local enterprises do ex-ports to China. Very fortunately, Chinahas this kind of wills. So, both sideswere on the same track at the start ofthe negotiations.
  As for the issue of material mea-sures on how to launch the network, itis a complicated issue, in which a lot ofrelevant issues will be involved such asdiplomatic issues, relevant legal rulesand regulations in both sides. Finallywe draw such a scheme which bothsides consider as available after a pe-riod during which both sides did the re-search and negotiations, and the admin-istrative government departments of theboth sides have communicated. Wehope it will be welcomed by the domes-tic and the US enterprises.
  The American Chamber of Com-merce People"s Republic of China is aChamber organized by the US enter-prises in China, they very much hopethat the US enterprises can attain ampleand in-time knowledge on the informa-tion of Chinese products. But the num-ber of the branches the US enterprisesset in China is very limited. And thenumber of agencies the AmericanChamber of Commerce set in China isvery limited as well. Thus, they seekcooperation with Chinese agencies suchas CCPIT to set up a network in China.The scheme it self has catered to theiridea. Yu said.BeijingInternationalBook FairABBREVIATION:BIBFDATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:AnnualFOUNDED TIME:1986VENUE:China Interna-tional ExhibitionCenterEXHIBITS:Books andmagazinesOPEN TO:PublicInternationalExhibition andConference for the Pulp andPaper/Forestry andPlantations Industries/Corrugated Cardboard/Packaging IndustryABBREVIATION:China Paper/ChinaForest/Paper Pack AsiaDATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:BiennialVENUE:China International ExhibitionCenterEXHIBITS:Pulp, paper and paperboard,mill system, machines, parts andmaintenance, paper convertingequipment and finished paperproducts, forestry and plantationstechnologies, packaging technologyOPEN TO:TradersChina International Postal Technology and EquipmentExhibitionABBREVIATION:POSTALCHINADATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:BiennialFOUNDED TIME:1999VENUE:National Agricul-tural Exhibition CenterEXHIBITS:Post-officemachines, frankingmachines, computertechnology, identificationsystems
  OPEN TO:Traders
  China InternationalEnvironmentalProtection and EnergySaving, ResourcesComprehensive UtilizationExhibitionABBREVIATION:E&EDATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:AnnualVENUE:China InternationalExhibition CenterEXHIBITS:Airpurification, environ-mental protection,environmentalengineering, renewableenergies, waste disposal,recyclingChina InternationalMedical Equipmentand FacilitiesExhibitionABBREVIATION:CHINA-HOSPEQ/SINOMEDDATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:AnnualFOUNDED TIME:1991VENUE:Beijing Exhibition CenterEXHIBITS:Technical medicalequipment, diagonostics,biochemistry, hospital equipment,hospital supplies, laboratory equip-mentOPEN TO:PublicInternational Petroleum, Gasand Petrochemical ExhibitionABBREVIATION:IPPEDATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:AnnualFOUNDED TIME:1994VENUE:Beijing Exhibition CenterEXHIBITS:Plants and machinery for thepetrochemical industry, refineriesWorld Dairy Expo & SummitChina 2005DATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:AnnualFOUNDED TIME:Sep2003VENUE:National Agricultural Exhibi-tion CenterEXHIBITS:Milch cow breeding andpasture supervising, dairy productsand additives, ice-cream equipment,
   sales services
   OPEN TO:TradersHotelex Beijing 2005DATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:AnnualEXHIBITS:Kitchen andlaundary facilities for hotels,safety monitoringequipment, employees"vestments, food andbeverage, daily commodities,leisure and exercise equip-mentOPEN TO:Traders
   International FloorCovering and Carpet FairABBREVIATION:FLOOR COVERINGSDATE:Sep2005FREQUENCY:AnnualFOUNDED TIME:2000VENUE:China International ExhibitionCenterEXHIBITS:Wall to wall carpetting,carpets, floor coverings, parquet,

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