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  When most of themedia are confused inthe anxiety of the ad-vertisenlents income in2007.Lu Liming hasstarted the considerationof seeking the break-through of railway me-dia in 2008.
  when most of the media areconfused in the anxiety ofthe advertisements income in2007.Lu Liming has started the consid-eration of seeking the breakthrough ofrailway media in 2008.Actually Lu hassome anxiety,for instance,the too muchscheduled advertisements to be reason-ably arranged.
  However.Lu and Huatie Intermediahe chairs have seldom apeared in frontof the public during the long period ofdevelopment,even if many people havepaid some attention to them.But afterall,by finishing the new overall strategicarrangement in 2006,and a comprehen-sive integration of the media resources,Huatie Intermediahas in fact becomea leading runner ofrailway media net-work in China.
  Engaged instrategic planning
  Long-standingleading run withoutany exaggeratedpropadanda,this is atraditional concept of Intermedia.
  More than a decade ago,when Lusigned the first advertisement contract ofRMB43.000 for Huatie Intermedia,no-body had imagined that the media of thiskind would develop to today"s booming.Nowadays,when Lu and his companyhave become an invisible champion,allkinds of media linked to the railway havedeveloped in an overnight booming,forinstance,the railway TV, platform adver-tisements.etc,the market has witnessedan immediate explosion.
  Almost all of the railway media havealways believed that we have taken theunique advantages of quite large amountof audience,quite wide coverage,lowdisturpance.lowrate of repeat.lowcosts.etc.HuatieIntermedia.due toits 12-year strugglein the media indus-try,has won moresay.
  "Since April18 of this yearwhen the railwayspeed increased again,the railway mediahave taken more remarkable advantages."Lu said.In fact,in light of the generaltrend of China railway development,Huatie Intermedia deserves an industrialfocus.According to the predict of theMinistry of Railway,by 2010,the an-nual railway passengers will amount to2 billion people,time,which will doubleby 2020.Since the sixth time of speedincrease of the railway,China"s railwayspeed will reach the world maximum as200 km/hour.and will be as comfort-able.fast and convenient as the air.
  It"s no doubt that the increasing rail-way passengers will create quite consid-erable market for the railway media.ofcourse,it"s a tempting cake.In the lastvear.Huatie Intermedia made a lot ofbreakthroughs:
  In April,2006,Huatie Intermediaexclusively purchased all of the rail-way advertisement media resources inShanghai,Nanjing and Hefei which wereaffiliated to Shanghai Railway Bureauin installment payment.By three largecampaigns of resources integration,Hua-tie Intermedia has managed the nation-wide strategic arrangement which based on Yangtze Delta and Pearl River Deltain 31 large economic cities includingBeijing,shanghai and Guangzhou,etc.
  After a series of purchases with greatimpact,Huatie Intermedia has taken 85%of the market resources,the completeadvantages of very much higher than theaverage industrial level.Huatie Interme-dia has managed to build a nation-widemoving outdoor advertisement networkwhich is running on the 75000 km rail-way.
  Lu gives a explanation to the situ-ation:When all of the mass media aredeveloping shoulder by shoulder,theresources advantage is the key factorof pursuing the efficiency.However,he stressed for many times that the ex-clusjvely owned market is not the finalpurpose of Huatie Intermedia,instead,itis to integrate the media resources,pu-rify the media environment,improve themedia efficiency,pursue the high qualityand high professional service,etc.Onlythe reasonable ar-rangement for themedia resourceswhich covers mostof the high econom-ic value areas can beefficiently.dvailablefor the clients"de-mands.
  Based on thisconsideration.Ludefines 2007 as the"Service Year"ofHuatie Intermedia.He hopes to expedi-ate the developmentof Huatie by im-proving the mediaresources.He stress-es that when facingup with the interna-tional competition.we must take moreadvantages.for in-stance,we shouldbecome the drafterof the market ruks,so as to,dctively meetthe market competition.
  Smart market tactics
  In fact,the clients have alreadv iden-tified Llu"s intelligence in managing themarket strategy.For instance,the famousgarment brand Bosideng.
  Bosideng"s advertisement arrange-ment has always been praised for its boldinvestment in the plane advertisementin 1990s,and the heavy investment inCCTV for creacing the brands.However.when followed by a lot of domestic brandcompanles,unexpectedly,Bosidenglaunched a comprehensive cooperationwith Huatie Intermedia and investedheavily in the railway advertisements.
  Bosideng"s choice was immedi-ately followed by other companies,forinstance,the brand company MengNa,when got the right of exclusive socks sup-plier for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games,it began to cooperate with Huatie Iner-media,and purchased the right of ad-Vertlsement issuing in 100 carriages.Inthe meamime,Bird mobile also took theSame measure.
  In some industries,this trend is alsoshown remarkably.For instance.Hua-tie Intermedia"s clients include over 30kinds of Zongshen motorcvcles.Despitethe rational mediachoice,a lot of brandcompanies choose tocooperate with Hua-tie Intermedia.thisis a strong evidenceof Huatie"s marketvalue.
  Huatie Interme-dia has very smartmarket segment,including the adver-tisements of high-endproducts such as auto,IT,home appliance,communication.aswell as the advertise-ments for the ruralmarkets,etc.as wellas a lot of clients be- yond the coverage oftraditional media.
  The age of solelydancing
  Although themedia competitionbecomes more and more fierce in thelimited space of train carriages,Lu isstill very confident about Huatie Interme-dia.His confidence is very strengthenedby the strategic agreements signed withinternational and domestic brand media.giant media,etc.
  According to Huatie"s investigation,if take the IT products as instance,whenthe budget of advertisement remainsunchanged,theinvestment inrailway adver-tisements in-crease from 2%to 5%,regard-ing to the twokey indicatorsof advertise-ments effects.ratio of brandrecognitionincreases for7%,the dients"will of pur-chase increasesfor 14%.Theresearch showsthat only if 10% t0 15% of the budgetincreased in the raliway advertisement.the effect of brand propaganda will bemaximized.In the meantime.the railwayadvertisement covers 20% to 30% theclients that the traditional media are ex-cluded.
  In order to make a through under-standing of the market and affect theaudience with a professional concept,Huatie Intermedia has launched the pro-fessional evaluation and inspection onthe operation of outdoor traffic media.
  "As a media worker who have pos-sessed vast media resources.we havetaken efficient consideration on providingmore efficient,more detailed and moresystematic service to the dients,this willbecome our core competitiveness.whichis not easy to be duplicated."Lu said."However,this doesn"t mean that we canbe lazy on creation."
  Lu stressed,Huatie Intermedia hasnot only done hard works on improvingthe effect of media propaganda,but alsoexecuted a series of system to safeguardthe conduct of the advertisements.Cur-rently,Huatie has established offices inalmost 30 railway hinge cities so as tomake sure that the advertisements arewell conducted.
  "In 2007,Huatie Intermedia willconntinue our pragmatic job,and keep ona leading run in the media industry."Lusaid.

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