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  Since the reform and opening to the outside world, Chinese clothing sector has returned from "a drifting outsider " to be integrated into textile industry, hence, taking the leading position in the new family, and s now experiencing the country"s from-big-to-powerful transitional period in the course of textile development strategy. in this process, Chinese clothing industry hasexperienced 30 years uncommon but,full of opportunities and challenges. During the 30 years, countless explorers failed, and only a few succeeded; and their great efforts nave brought morning twilight for Chinese clothing industry. Zhuhai Wiseman Fashion Stock Co.,Ltd. is just one of the victors 20 years later,which has successively obtained the titles of "Market Popular Clothing Brand", "Guangdong Province Famous Brand" and "Enterprise with the Most Social Responsibility in China"; and was selected through appraisal as "2005 China Top 500 Valuable Brands" by the World Brand Lab in August 2005, and as "China Top 50 Competitive Brands in Knitted Dress Industry" in 2006.

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